SILVER SPRING, MD, MAY, 23, 2016 – On May 17, 2016, Gregory Selden, an African American male and former user of the online platform Airbnb., Inc. (“Airbnb”) instituted an action against Airbnb, an online sharing platform for people to list, find, and rent lodging accommodations. Mr. Selden’s complaint alleges that Airbnb’s host agents, employees, brokers and representatives denied him accommodation based on his race when he used the online platform for lodging accommodations in March 2015.

The sharing economy has grown exponentially and Mr. Selden’s experiences of not being accommodated by Airbnb because of his race put in motion this country’s most iconic civil rights laws, said Ikechukwu Emejuru of the law firm Emejuru & Nyombi. Mr. Selden intends on moving forward with the legal proceedings and seeing his day in court.


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