Commercial Litigation

The firm has dedicated substantial attention and focus to our Global Commercial Litigation Practice for the most significant litigation matters. We have represented clients from different areas of the globe in matters involving commercial disputes that span across borders and continents. In the United States we undertake representation in claims arising under the Uniform Commercial Code, contracts, leveraged buyouts and various financial arrangements. We do also represent clients before various agencies, administrative bodies and alternative dispute resolution forums such as mediation and arbitration tribunals.

How We Can Help

Emejuru and Nyombi uses its highly- rated litigators and regulatory practitioners in the United States to afford our clients the best representation in complex and non-complex disputes in state and federal courts. We appear on behalf of plaintiffs as well as defendants in a wide array of commercial areas with one major goal, to represent and uphold our clients’legal rights and commercial interests. We have represented clients against Fortune 500 companies securing positive results. We take a lot of pride in developing top notch litigation strategies that ensure clients receive the most tenacious representation. We commit and dedicate important partner devotion to each case that comes our way giving our clients confidence that their matter is being handled with the utmost efficacy and attention to detail.

We work with a client’s budget to ensure that costs of litigation are reasonably and efficiently utilized. We give the client the guidance to achieve their most favorable result in an uncertain world of litigation. Our firm has the experience and talent to develop the best strategies to execute the client’s interests for positive results. We offer our best efforts to every individual assignment.The firm has a solid team of lawyers to represent your interests with the highest grade of professionalism and skill.

Emejuru and Nyombi attorneys represent clients in commercial disputes related to:

  • Intellectual property disputes before the US Patents and Trade Marks Office and in federal courts
  • Employment and labor law
  • Fraud
  • Domestic and global cross-border complex contracts
  • Unfair trade practices
  • Education law matters, e.g. civil rights, bullying, harassment
  • Corporate governance, business planning
  • Corporate litigation involving private and public companies
  • Tax assessment litigation
  • Insurance defense and subrogation
  • Real estate litigation
  • Product liability
  • Professional liability cases
  • Civil claims under the RICO Act
  • Securities and banking litigation
  • Business torts litigation.
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