Real Estate Law

Real estate can make up a large portion of estates, assets and net worth making the transfer and purchase of property a major piece of future success and financial well-being. Because of the complexities and large amounts of paperwork that are involved in real estate transactions, it is necessary to enlist an experienced law firm to review documents, file the paperwork, negotiate deals and ensure your best interests are kept in mind.

Emejuru and Nyombi represent purchasers and sellers of all types of property, including office buildings, apartment buildings, shopping centers, hotels, for commercial and residential development. They can navigate you through all real estate transactions including but not limited to acquisitions, development, sales, leasing and financing with years of combined experience in real estate taxation and zoning, condominium and timeshare ownership, and the regulation of land use. Through the vast knowledge of Emejuru and Nyombi, your real estate transaction will be timely processed, efficient and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Please contact our firm to learn more about available services and your legal options.

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